Establishment Example
The following is a series of a reclamation project showing what can happen in a wet year.  (click photos for larger image)
The site includes reshaping the ditch and the adjoining areas.  The goal is to establish native warm-season grasses.  The native grasses were drilled in April.
After seeding, rain continued for over two months resulting in rill erosion up to 10 inches deep.  The heavier eroded areas where filled with soil, broadcast seeded and covered, and erosion mat applied late June into July.
By late August, the repaired areas were beginning to show significant new growth with the mat providing good erosion control
In areas where little or no erosion had occurred, the grass stand is already well established.  The combination of rain and moderate temperatures has allowed the native grasses to easily establish.  If the spring into summer period were dry, the results would be different.